Luca Perazzoli

Luca started his career at a very young age by virtue of being born into a family of advertising photographer parents in the roaring 60’s. After finishing high school, he immediately started as an assistant in various photography studios in Italy, England and the United States. Having been exposed to various kinds of photography, he, as an individual, started developing a keen interest in photography and still-life tabletop direction. It was the technique and precision garnered from immense experience that was essential to getting the best results that attracted Luca to this specialization.


After having a successful run as an assistant photographer, Luca returned to Italy and started working in his father's studio. He rapidly gained recognition as a creative professional in the early 90’s in spite of the recession that hit the advertising world at the time. He quickly built a reputation for himself in the national and international arena. He has moved his office twice and now has a beautiful studio in the North of Milan, where he continue to deliver breakthrough projects as a still-life photographer and tabletop director.